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Tat Skin Tattoo Cover and Skin Care

See How Tat Skin Can Help Cover That Tattoo!

Tat2X® is proud to bring you our Tat Skin™ line of premium quality tattoo cover and skin care products. When you shop with Tat2X® you can rest assured that we’ve tried, tested and perfected every one of our products. If you need to hide a tattoo for a job interview or special event such as a wedding we’ve got you covered with our Tat Skin™ Tape and Tat Skin™ Concealer solutions. They’re perfect for tattoo cover up in tough places like your hands, back, neck or shoulders. Our Tat Skin™ moisturizers and cleansers are also second to none when it comes to tattoo aftercare. Treat Your Skin Right with Tat Skin™!

Try Our Tat Skin Concealer!

Do you need to conceal a tattoo for a job interview, wedding or other special event? Our Tat Skin Concealer is the perfect tattoo concealer for temporary coverage. It comes in a handy trio pot and the moisture enriched formula is easily applied to your skin. Tat Skin Concealer goes on creamy and sets as a powder for long lasting coverage. We've got five trio palettes to choose from so you can match your skin type. Shipping is also FREE for any purchases over $20 in the U.S.

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   covering tattoos Cover Up Quick With Tat Skin Tape!

If you need to cover up a small tattoo quickly our Tat Skin tape is perfect! Just cut it to size and instantly cover hard to reach places like the hands, neck, chest, ankles and back. It comes in a handy six foot long roll and we just improved the formula so it's even more adhesive and durable. Tat Skin Tape is made from 100% cotton and will let your skin breath while you protect your tattoo. There's even a 20% discount if you purchase the Tat Skin Tape 3 Pack.

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Check Out Our Tat Skin Aftercare Kit!

Aftercare for tattoos will help prevent infection and work to heal the canvas that is your skin. Our Tat Skin Premium Aftercare Kit has what you need to do the job. Our Botanical Cleanser is made with natural ingredients like Chamomile and sugar beets and our Jojoba Moisturizer contains healing elements like avocado and grape seed oils. You'll even get 20% OFF each item because your buying the Kit and shipping is FREE for this Kit in the U.S.

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